Policies & Procedures
Section 1 - Introduction
1.1 - Policies and Compensation Plan Incorporated into LifeStylist Agreement
These Policies and Procedures, in their present form and as amended at the sole discretion of Ethona, LLC (hereafter "Ethona" or the "Company"), are incorporated into, and form an integral part of, the LifeStylist Agreement. Throughout these Policies, when the term "Agreement" is used, it collectively refers to the Ethona Independent LifeStylist Agreement Terms & Conditions, these Policies and Procedures, the Ethona Compensation Plan, and the Ethona Business Entity Addendum (applicable only to business entities that apply to become LifeStylists). These documents are incorporated by reference into the Ethona LifeStylist Agreement (all in their current form and as amended by Ethona).
1.2 - Changes to the Agreement
Ethona reserves the right to amend the Agreement and its prices in its sole and absolute discretion. By executing the LifeStylist Agreement, a LifeStylist agrees to abide by all amendments or modifications that Ethona makes. Amendments shall be effective 30 days after publication of notice and posting the amended provision(s). Amendments shall not apply retroactively to conduct that occurred prior to the effective date of the amendment. Notification of amendments shall be published by email or posting in LifeStylists' Back-Offices. The continuation of a LifeStylist's Ethona business, the acceptance of any benefits under the Agreement, or a LifeStylist's acceptance of bonuses or commissions constitutes acceptance of all amendments.
1.3 - Policies and Provisions Severable
If any provision of the Agreement, in its current form or as may be amended, is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, only the invalid portion(s) of the provision shall be severed and the remaining terms and provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The severed provision, or portion thereof, shall be reformed to reflect the purpose of the provision as closely as possible.
1.4 - Waiver
The Company never gives up its right to insist on compliance with the Agreement and with the applicable laws governing the conduct of a business. No failure of a party to exercise any right or power under the Agreement or to insist upon strict compliance by a LifeStylist with any obligation or provision of the Agreement, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the terms of the Agreement, shall constitute a waiver of the party's right to demand exact compliance with the Agreement. The existence of any claim or cause of action of one party against the other party shall not constitute a defense to a party's right to enforce any term or provision of the Agreement.
2.1 - Requirements to Become a LifeStylist
To become an Ethona LifeStylist, each applicant must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Reside in the United States, a U.S. Territory, or a country that Ethona has officially announced is open for business;
  • Provide Ethona with his or her valid Social Security or Federal Tax ID number;
  • Purchase an Ethona Fit Kit; and
  • Submit a properly completed LifeStylist Application and Agreement to Ethona either in hard copy or online format.
Ethona reserves the right to accept or reject any LifeStylist Application and Agreement for any reason or for no reason.
2.2 - Fit Kits and Product Purchases
Except for the purchase of an Ethona Fit Kit, no person is required to purchase Ethona products, services or sales aids, or to pay any charge or fee to become a LifeStylist. In order to familiarize new LifeStylists with Ethona products, sales techniques, sales aids, and other matters, the Company requires that they purchase a Fit Kit. Ethona will repurchase resalable Fit Kits from any LifeStylist who terminates his or her LifeStylist Agreement pursuant to the terms of Section 7.2.
2.3 - LifeStylist Benefits
Once a LifeStylist Agreement has been accepted by Ethona, the benefits of the Compensation Plan and the LifeStylist Agreement are available to the new LifeStylist. These benefits include the right to:
  • Sell or solicit orders for Ethona products;
  • Participate in the Ethona Compensation Plan (receive bonuses and commissions, if eligible);
  • Mentor other individuals as LifeStylists into the Ethona business and thereby, build a Marketing Organization and progress through the Ethona Compensation Plan;
  • Receive periodic Ethona literature and other Ethona communications;
  • Participate in Ethona-sponsored support, service, training, motivational and recognition functions, upon payment of appropriate charges, if applicable; and
  • Participate in promotional and incentive contests and programs sponsored by Ethona for its LifeStylists.
2.4 - Term and Renewal of Your Independent Ethona Business
The term of the LifeStylist Agreement is one year from the date of its acceptance by Ethona (subject to prior termination pursuant to Section 10). The Agreement is renewable for successive one year terms. LifeStylists will be sent an email to their email addresses on file reminding them of the upcoming renewal. They will also be reminded of their upcoming renewal through their Back-Offices. At that time, LifeStylists may elect to cancel the Agreement. If a LifeStylist does not cancel, his or her LifeStylist Agreement will be automatically renewed and the renewal fee of forty nine dollars ($49) will be charged to the credit card he/she has on file with the Company.
3.1 - LifeStylist Created Marketing Methods and Tools
LifeStylists must adhere to the terms of the Ethona Compensation Plan as set forth in official Ethona literature. LifeStylists shall not offer the Ethona opportunity through, or in combination with, any other system, program, Sales Tools, or method of marketing other than that specifically set forth in official Ethona literature. LifeStylists shall not require or encourage other current or prospective LifeStylists to execute any agreement or contract other than official Ethona agreements and contracts in order to become an Ethona LifeStylist. Similarly, LifeStylists shall not require or encourage other current or prospective LifeStylists to make any purchase from, or payment to, any individual or other entity to participate in the Ethona Compensation Plan other than those purchases or payments identified as recommended or required in official Ethona literature.
3.2 - Advertising
All LifeStylists shall safeguard and promote the good reputation of Ethona and its products. The marketing and promotion of Ethona, the Ethona opportunity, the Compensation Plan, and Ethona products must avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices.
To promote both the products and the tremendous opportunity Ethona offers, LifeStylists must use the Sales Tools produced by or approved by Ethona. The Company has carefully designed its products, product labels, Compensation Plan, and Sales Tools to ensure that they are promoted in a fair and truthful manner, that they are substantiated, and that the materials comply with the legal requirements of federal and state laws.
Accordingly, LifeStylists may only advertise or promote their Ethona business using approved Sales Tools acquired through Ethona. No approval is necessary to use these approved Sales Tools. If a LifeStylist wishes to design his or her own online or offline Sales Tools of any kind, the proposed designs must be submitted to the Ethona advertising department marketing@ethona.com for consideration and inclusion in the Ethona University. Unless the LifeStylist receives specific written approval from Ethona to use such Sales Tools, the request shall be deemed denied. Go to the Ethona University tab in your Back-Office for guidelines and to access the library.
LifeStylists who receive authorization from Ethona to produce their own Sales Tools may not sell, lease, or charge a fee of any nature for such Sales Tools to any other Ethona LifeStylist. LifeStylists may make approved Sales Tools available to other LifeStylists free of charge if they wish, but may not charge other Ethona LifeStylists for the Sales Tools.
Approved Sales Tools will be posted in the Ethona University section of LifeStylists' Back-Offices and will be made available to all LifeStylists free of charge. The LifeStylist who submitted the Sales Tool to the Company waives all claims to remuneration for such use and grants Ethona an irrevocable license to use the Sales Tools as the Company deems appropriate. Ethona further reserves the right to rescind approval for any Sales Tools, and LifeStylists waive all claims for damages or remuneration arising from or relating to such rescission.